Tale of Three Kings

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The Tale of Three Kings was a great read and very thought-provoking. I am not sure if I will be able to apply all the truths that were taught to my life right now, but I am sure that I will be able to use this book at some point in the ministry. This book looks at the example of Saul, David, and Absalom in the Bible and the attitude that each one towards their position that God had or hadn’t given them. Three main things stood out to me in this book. 


One, the leader is God-appointed. 

If you are a leader in God’s ministry, you need to know that God has put you there, and you are not there because of your strength or power. At the same time, you must not abuse your power and tell everyone to obey you, or God will punish them. It would be best if you used your position to help others and never think that you accomplished this by your power. If you are not the leader in a ministry, you should recognize that God has put that person in charge for a reason, and you should do everything in your power to help him and make him a success. 


Two, you should never fight to keep power. 

Yes, you should fight for the truth and what is right, but you should never fight to keep control over your projects and ministries. You should never tear others down to make you look better or to regain control. If there is someone else that God is putting there, you should not fight against it or destroy them. Fear of someone else taking your position is probably a sign that God hasn’t put you there. 

Three, you should never try to take over someone else’s ministry unless they have asked you to. 

Our goal should never be to overthrow the king or the person in charge and steal his ministry but to work diligently in the ministry that God has given us. We are supposed to build God’s kingdom and remember that we are working for his glory and not our own. 


This book has lessons for all life stages and ministry, and I am sure that this book will help me through all of them. 


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