Clarence Jones – Reaching the world!

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One thing that surprised Clarence Jones was that the many people outside of Ecuador were able to listen to his broadcast. He was receiving letters from people in Peru and Colombia as well as people in Peru. He noted that all the experts that had told him the radio would not work well in Ecuador, but they were wrong! At that time, they only had a 200-watt receiver and were reaching several countries. Clarence could only imagine how many countries they could reach with a bigger radio. 


Thankful God provided the funds, and they were able to purchase a thousand-watt transmitter. Radio HCJB reached an astounding ninety million listeners throughout South and Central America with its broadcasts. They started many new programs, and a well-known radio evangelist in the United States named Charles Fuller contacted them about playing his Old-Fashioned Revival Hour radio show. They reached more people and gained more influence, but Clarence wanted to keep expanding and reach the world with the Gospel. 


A few years later, Clarence raised the money to buy a ten thousand watt radio transmitter and have it installed in Quito. Soon HCJB was broadcasting in eighteen languages, including German, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Yiddish, Italian, Dutch, and Czech. They received letters from people worldwide telling them about the impact the broadcast were making on their lives and asking questions. 


Here is one of the letters that they received from a college student in New Delhi, India: By chance, I came across your station on my radio. Is it really true that by believing in Christ, we can achieve salvation? I am a seventeen-year-old college student, and I have so many questions about God.


God continued to grow the work with the HCJB radio station, and they were able to branch out into many different ministries. They built hospitals and began serving people’s physical needs. By 1951 over fifty foreign missionaries were serving in Quito with Clarence Jones’ World Radio Missionary Fellowship. Clarence continued to work on new projects and think of new ways to reach the world with the Gospel. He went on a thirteen-month trip around the world to help raise awareness of the radio’s effectiveness in reaching others. 


In 1961 Clarence turned over the leadership on the HCJB radio to Abe Van Der Puy. He continued to serve in an advisory role and to raise money for the HCJB in Ecuador. He continued to serve God with his life, and in 1986, he passed away quietly in his sleep in Florida. He left a wonderful ministry and testimony of what God can do with a man wholly devoted to Him. One of the things that Clarence always said was, “It’s amazing what can be accomplished if you’re not concerned about who gets the credit.”