I grew up in a great Christian home in the awesome state of Georgia! My mom grew up in a Christian home where she got saved at that age of 15. Although my dad not have that advantage, he got saved while a teenager at a youth retreat in North Carolina. Growing up I am very grateful for the time my parents took to read the Bible to me and take me to church. They were constantly talking about Jesus. I made several professions of faith from the time I was six to eleven and was in constant fear of dying and going to Hell. However, one day at the age of eleven,  I finally realized that salvation is not about how good I am or act but all about what Jesus has done for me. That night I believed on Jesus in my parent’s room. I am thankful to see how God used his Word to work in my life and save me. It is a challenge to me to think of the millions of people around the world who have never heard or read the Bible and need to hear about Jesus.  Nine years down the road from that experience, I want to go tell others the Good News so that they can believe in Jesus as well!