How to Win Friends and Influence People

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Book Review | 0 comments

This is an excellent book on how to relate to people and how to influence them. It talks about how you must learn how to treat the people around you correctly if you want to be an influence. 


One of the biggest things that I thought was good from this book was that he said you should try to make an effort to remember everyone’s name that you come across. People will appreciate it if you know their names. This will help you connect with others and show that you genuinely care about who they are. 


Another thing that I thought was good from this book was that you should be a good listener. It would help if you learned to let others talk and be genuinely interested in their lives. You should ask questions about the things that they like and let them talk about that. You need to let the other person talk about their interest! Nobody likes to be talked to about things that do not interest them. I must be willing to listen and ask about their lives if I want them to be interested in my life. 


Not only should I be a good listener, but I also should make that person feel important. If I am talking with someone, I should look for what they are doing well and talk about those things. If I am only trying to talk about their mistakes or weaknesses, they will not want to speak with me for long. Obviously, we shouldn’t flatter or say something that is not true but far too often, we focus on others’ mistakes instead of their strengths. We should always be looking for ways to build others up. 


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