Mentoring for Missions

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Mentoring for Missions shows us how the Jewish upbringing and culture of that day shape the life of Jesus and how that Jesus used this strategy to train his disciples. This book clarifies that he had a different method of teaching his disciples and followers than we have today, and we should not just teach and train people how our culture tells us to but should follow the example of Jesus. 


This book teaches many good things, but I would say that the main point of this book is withness. This concept defined the whole life of Jesus. From the time that Jesus was a little boy until he left his disciples to go back to heaven, Jesus was with people. He followed the apprenticeship model that was used at that time to train carpenters and other trades.


The training system for carpenters was set up was to be with other people who would train you and help you until you knew what you were doing. They were mentoring the apprentices. During that time, the apprenticeship system meant that you would spend time with a master until you perfected it. The master would watch you and help you until you were good enough to do the task independently. After you become a master, you would then teach others. 


The scribes worked the same way as carpenters. They did not teach classes or have set times to instruct their followers. They took their followers wherever they went and taught them by example and their life. They did not have rules or regulations of how to learn but let their followers come to them and learn from them as much or as little as they wanted. Jesus followed this pattern with his disciples. He called them, but after that, he taught them and let them learn from his life. Jesus was mentoring his disciples. 


We should also follow this example in our lives and ministry. We must spend time with people to help them learn. If our goal is to train men and raise up leaders to reach others with the Gospel, then the example of Jesus is the best model to follow. This is a challenging pattern to follow with the people we are training, but it is the model he used, and we should follow his example. 


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