Several days ago I sat down with several other missions students for an hour and we wrote a military operations plan for how we would start a church on the mission field. This five paragraph plan is called a Operations Order or OPORD. It was a great chance to think through what we would do and outline the basic steps to start a church.


Operation Church Plant

Matthew 16:18

  1. Situation
    1. Need the Gospel
      1. John 3:18
    2. Need a church
      1. Matthew 28:18-20
  1. Mission
    1. Reach them with the Gospel
    2. Starting an assembly of saved, baptized believers that are self-sustaining and reproducible
  1. Execution
    1. Get a place to meet
      1. A place that people can walk to
      2. In the right social class
      3. In a area that you will not get in trouble with the government
    2. Witnessing and outreach
      1. Going door to door
      2. Having events at church that you can invite people to
      3. Having Bible study
      4. Have a youth meeting
      5. Invite people and invite people
    3. Salvation and discipleship
      1. Study the Bible with people
      2. Preach the Bible at church
      3. Go through discipleship courses
    4. Train Nation Leaders
      1. Find a faithful man
      2. Give him opportunities to minister
      3. Teach them through Bible Classes
  1. Service Support
    1. Supporting Churches
    2. Mission Board
    3. Mentor
  1. Command and Signal
    1. Your call from God to start churches
    2. Leave lasting and reproducible churches