The Training of the Twelve

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Here are my top six takeaways from this book. I hope they will be a help to you! 


One, this book talks about the different levels of the relationship that Jesus had with his disciples. 

At first, they were just believers in him and went with him convenient times and were his occasional companions. In the second stage, fellowship with Christ assumed the form of an uninterrupted attendance on His person, involving entire, or at least habitual abandonment of secular occupations. They were with him. Only twelve entered in on the final stage of discipleship. They were chosen by Jesus to be with him. I think we can see a good pattern of discipleship here and how that the way that Jesus did discipleship was life on life. In Ecuador, I need to remember to do life on life discipleship. I need to be spending time with people more than just teaching a lesson. 


Two, Because of the discipleship relationship that Jesus had with his disciples, they continued to be his witnesses after he left. 

Because of their time with Him, they mimicked him even after he was gone. They continued in his ministry even when he wasn’t there. I need to remember that my goal is to train men to carry on even after I have left in Ecuador. I should not plan on being there forever but that I will leave, and I need to train men to take my place. 


Three, most of the disciples were from the lower class. 

Jesus went to Galilee to get his disciples. There were one or two who were higher class, but most of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen. They were ordinary people. In Ecuador, I should work with the lower class. That is most likely where I am going to find disciples. 


Four, Jesus spent the majority of his time with his disciples. 

They were his primary and most prominent work. They were his priority. Yes, he healed the sick and raised the dead to life. But his disciples were his focus. I need to remember that my goal in Ecuador is more than to start a church. My main focus is on training leaders. 


Fifth, you must first be a disciple before you can be a discipler. 

That is to say; you must be a learner before you can be a teacher. The disciples would do great things, but they first needed to learn and spend time with Jesus. I need to remember that I need to be a learner. During this time of language school, I am a learner and need to have a learner’s attitude. 


Sixth, many times your disciples will mess up. 

Jesus had one of his disciples betray him, and another one of his disciples deny him. I need to remember when I get to Ecuador that people will fall and mess up. There are always going to be disciples who fail but not to let that discourage me and continue helping people. 


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