This past week I had the opportunity to travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia for a missions conference with David Gardner. Here are a few of the takeaways fr
om the trip:

There is a huge need in South America! On the nine hour trip to Cochabamba we drove through several large cities that have only a few churches. Cities like Juliaca, Puno, and El Alto are places that most Amer
icans have never even heard of, yet there is a huge need for the Gospel there. These cites have people who need to hear about Jesus, but most likely will never visit a church or have someone talk to them about the Gospel.

Traveling is South America is crazy! Several things happened on our trip that were out of the ordinary, but one of the craziest things that happened was when we were 3 miles out from the border. A group of bus drivers stopped our taxi and made us get out and walk because they did not want the taxi driver taking their business. Thankfully, we caught a ride in the back of a pickup truck, but I definitely have realized that traveling here in South America is much different than in the States.

God is working in Bolivia! We had a great time with Kevin White, a missionary in Cochabamba. It was great to see how God is using him in that city and to visit the two churches that he has started there. I am excited to see what God has done, and hope that one day God can use me in the same way to start churches and train men.