Clarence Jones – Getting Married

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After accepting Christ, Clarence saw a change in his life. He had a greater desire to serve God and live for him. A few weeks after accepting Christ, Clarence went to a luncheon where a missionary from Japan spoke. After hearing what the missionary had to say, he was moved to raise his hand at the end of the meeting, indicating that he was willing to serve the Lord as a missionary.

Clarence decided that the next step to becoming a missionary was to get training, so he went the next day to the Moody Bible Institute and signed up for classes. He spent three years studying in the Institue and graduated in 1921 when he was 21 years old.

After finishing his studies, Clarence went to work in tent crusades with an evangelist Charles Neighbour. He played the trombone and led the singing as they traveled through West Virginia, holding revivals and crusades to preach the Gospel. Clarence immensely enjoyed his time working with the evangelist, but something that occurred on the way back from West Virginia was going to change his life.

In Lima, Ohio, Clarence met a girl named Katherine and immediately want to get to know her better. He could only spend a few days with her in Lima, but when he arrived back in Chicago, he began to write her letters and love poems. She responded, and they began a relationship via letters.

After a couple of years of talking Clarence summed up the courage to ask Katherine to marry him. She said yes, and they were married in 1924. The wedding went off well, but Clarence was a little worried about his honeymoon because he had no plans or money for a honeymoon. He had asked God to provide for their honeymoon, and thankfully, after the wedding, a friend came up and gave them money to go on their honeymoon. Clarence was able to see that God provided for everything that he needed!

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