Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secrets

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Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secrets was a very challenging book for me. It showed me from Hudson Taylor’s life how God is looking to use men who will trust Him. God can and wants to do big things if we will only trust Him. 

One of the main things that this book showed me was that God wants to build you before building the ministry. 

We can see this in Hudson Taylor’s life. Before he went to China, God was working in his life and training him. I think that we can also see that Hudson allowed God to work in his life. He made some decisions to live by faith and trust in God. God extensively used this time in Hudson’s life to grow him for the work. Hudson did not see much fruit of the ministry during this period of his life, but God significantly used it to grow him. I think that part of the reason that he was so greatly used down the road and had such a huge ministry is because God had already worked in his life, and he was a man of God. I need to allow God to work in my life starting now. I need Him to get rid of the pride and selfishness in my life and become like Him. 

Secondly, I realize that I need to believe in God more.

 It is convicting to read about Hudson Taylor’s life and see how he trusted God for almost everything. He went out of his way to prove God and lived a life of faith. It is often easy to rely on our abilities or resources instead of God, but the life of Hudson Taylor shows us that it is only possible to accomplish great things for God through His power and strength. I must trust God and need to take that next step of faith, trusting in God and his resources. 

Finally, this book clearly showed me that I need to have a close relationship with God. 

I need to have daily Bible reading and prayer. One of the things that I thought was very impressive from Hudson Taylor’s life is that he would still get up early in the morning to spend time with God, even in his old age. Others that spent time with him said that he would wake up at 4 am and get down on his knees to pray and talk to God. He made his personal walk with God the most important thing in his life, and because of that, God did considerable work through him. I need to follow this example in my life and make my personal walk with God a priority. 


If you have read this book, I would love to hear some of the things you have learned from Hudson Taylor’s life. Put a comment below or send me a message. 


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